The Little Books of Growing Up: Puberty.

This book deals with the changes that occur during adolescence. These are divided into five chapters:

  • Adrenarche — hormones begin to sway the body; developing androgenic hair, sweat glands, acne
  • Gonadarche — growth of sex organs (ovaries, testicles)
  • Thelarche — breast development in females
  • Pubarche — growth of puibc hair
  • Menarche — first menses
  • Spermarche — development of sperm

Not all images/explanatory text is shown here; of course, but you get the idea. The drawings were done in ballpoint pen inside a 10.5 x 6.5cm Moleskine sketchbook.

The Little Books of Growing Up: Childhood.

This book deals with the changes that happen in the body during childhood; such as the fusing of bones (children are born with over 270 bones while adults only have 230), changes of proportion to facilitate balance, the growth of permanent teeth, etc.

The drawings and text (not pictured) were all done in a 10.5 x 6.5cm Moleskine sketchbook, so it was a fairly small area to work with.


Sorry I haven’t been uploading much lately — I have been producing work but unfortunately do not have access to a scanner right now (and won’t have for another two weeks or so..).

Still working with the theme of mutation/transformation and have a few ideas on what to do once I’m done with the whole nude self-portraits thing (which is getting quite trying, incidentally).

* I was also thinking about asking for artistic ‘prompts’ in semi-regular intervals and then doing a piece based on a suggestion from another user. So I’d pick a suggestion and create a drawing dealing with that theme/incorporating the suggested elements and then upload it along with the username of the prompter. Would you guys be keen for that? Do let me know.

In the meantime, have a wee sketch of a happy skelecrow that I gave to a friend on her birthday.

[note the bad-quality photograph due to lack of scanner]

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