Featured on Street Anatomy

Thanks friends.

Absa L'Atelier

^ The news piece on our university’s Facebook page about the candidates whose work made it through the first selection process for the Absa exhibition.

I told my family about this a while back, yet somehow it is only ‘official’ once they see it on facebook. now they are calling to congratulate me as if they didn’t hear of it almost a month ago

featured on WhoKilledBambi.co.uk

Living the dream guys. I have wanted to be right here for years. That explains my recent slew of followers. 

I am Batman, and Batman loves you so


The final part of my Transformation series was featured in the Daily Inspiration folder at Shadowness.com ^^

'Invisible Ink' as Daily Inspiration on Shadowness.com

And it got featured, too. So now it’s in rotation on the main SN page.

'Wolfgirl' as Daily Inspiration on Shadowness.com

many thanks

to all the people who have recently decided to follow/reblog my work. I appreciate every one.


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