The Little Books of Growing Up: Puberty.

This book deals with the changes that occur during adolescence. These are divided into five chapters:

  • Adrenarche — hormones begin to sway the body; developing androgenic hair, sweat glands, acne
  • Gonadarche — growth of sex organs (ovaries, testicles)
  • Thelarche — breast development in females
  • Pubarche — growth of puibc hair
  • Menarche — first menses
  • Spermarche — development of sperm

Not all images/explanatory text is shown here; of course, but you get the idea. The drawings were done in ballpoint pen inside a 10.5 x 6.5cm Moleskine sketchbook.

Book autopsy.

So this is my most recent little book; the “book autopsy,” which is still not finished yet because I need to get some suitable thread.

But basically you open it and see a bunch of organs all nicely layered and body-cavitylike. Or that’s the idea.

I take photos with my cellphone, because I’m a serious artist

EDIT: Proper photos here.

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