Surgical Saints.

I did these lovely ladies for the Anatomy for Life charity auction. They were a lot of fun to draw and merited a few odd glances from the kids in the classes I was observing at the time. Thus is the nature of art.

Diagnosis offers a hand in blessing for the afflicted, but she can only do so much. Her other cannot help to conceal what is actually going on.

Surgery hides her bloody fingers. Her own halo attacks from many pointed positions.

Recovery holds out her healing hands. Her sacrifice is endless.

So we had our graduate exhibition.

I was set up in the centre of the first venue, and initially people didn’t realise it was a separate piece (there was another girl whose work covered all the walls around me). I’d chosen the most medical-looking stainless-steel contraption I could find. In actuality, it was a painting tray; but it served my purposes very well. I got a lot of latex gloves for people to use in case of dirty hands and placed them on the lower rack.

The reception was really good; many people sought me out personally and made positive comments. Thanks to the wonderful This Cardinal Maroon for taking the time to page through every work and read every word. That’s dedication; I am honoured. Seeing as this is the culmination of four years of work and my first public show, it was truly something to see a fair percentage of the decent-sized crowd clustered around the smallest pieces of the entire graduate show, all waiting for a turn with seven books. It was wonderful.

Book autopsy.

So this is my most recent little book; the “book autopsy,” which is still not finished yet because I need to get some suitable thread.

But basically you open it and see a bunch of organs all nicely layered and body-cavitylike. Or that’s the idea.

I take photos with my cellphone, because I’m a serious artist

EDIT: Proper photos here.

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