Birthday present for a Flash fan. He liked it.

Photos by Munkspi.

ten weeks

Just had a crit today. I had three completed books to show and one in progress. Things feel very much behind, and there are ten weeks to go.

Trying to think of an interesting installation that could work with my themes/motifs (books, the body, death).

In the meantime have some bad photos of something I did for a friend’s birthday:

She is more into the more grungey > pretty and immaculate aesthetic. The text says “She seem’d a thing that could not feel / The touch of earthly years”; a quote from the Lucy poems by Wordsworth (my favourite by him). The poem is rather sad but that line seemed to apply to my friend.

much love

So, a minor setback in artistic productivity came when some stuff was taken from my flat recently. Luckily I have managed to procure a ‘vaguely functional’ [sic] laptop replacement from a friend to use for my photo references.

I came to studio one day to find this on my desk:

Thanks J-man. Changed my life.

In other news, I like aliens and am researching book art.

An old picture, but I’m having tea with this girl today <3

So I’ve been making cards lately.

This was one for a couple of friends who were getting their own place together. I was invited to the housewarming. I bought them a measuring jug  ^^  Unfortunately said housewarming did not occur due to extenuating circumstances, so I did not get to give them my card, which was entirely upsetting (the measuring jug, however, is MINE now). I spent a lot of time trying to make this card pop up, and make the little people look like who they were supposed to be. Their names were on the front and everything. At least I hadn’t written anything in it yet..

[I am quite aware that I used the same pose for each of the couples in the cards. I like the pose. It’s cute. And it’s not like couple A ever got to see their card anyway]

The above card was for some friends who were getting engaged. At their wedding shower I’ll likely also get them something similarly boring. Like a toaster. Or salad spoons.

I used to give original drawings away. Not that I regret it so much, but I kind of miss them. This is one I did for a friend. The wings were separate from the main piece of paper and could flap, so here’s an image of them in each position.

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