Carnivore Incarnate via GFI Art Gallery

^ The link to some scans of my work on GFI’s (formerly known as the Ron Belling gallery) facebook page regarding the Animal/Advance exhibition.

Absa L'Atelier

^ The news piece on our university’s Facebook page about the candidates whose work made it through the first selection process for the Absa exhibition.

I told my family about this a while back, yet somehow it is only ‘official’ once they see it on facebook. now they are calling to congratulate me as if they didn’t hear of it almost a month ago

So we had our graduate exhibition.

I was set up in the centre of the first venue, and initially people didn’t realise it was a separate piece (there was another girl whose work covered all the walls around me). I’d chosen the most medical-looking stainless-steel contraption I could find. In actuality, it was a painting tray; but it served my purposes very well. I got a lot of latex gloves for people to use in case of dirty hands and placed them on the lower rack.

The reception was really good; many people sought me out personally and made positive comments. Thanks to the wonderful This Cardinal Maroon for taking the time to page through every work and read every word. That’s dedication; I am honoured. Seeing as this is the culmination of four years of work and my first public show, it was truly something to see a fair percentage of the decent-sized crowd clustered around the smallest pieces of the entire graduate show, all waiting for a turn with seven books. It was wonderful.

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