The Path of Needles.

Second instalment of the Bitten triptych; a work that uses the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fable as a rough framework to explore werewolfism as a metaphor for female puberty. Like the lupine transformation, adolescence leads to the development of androgenic hair and visible bodily change. Fertility is heralded by the menstrual cycle; whose pattern is traditionally linked with the phases of the moon. Of course, the latter is also associated with so-called ‘madness’ (anger and antisocial moods). The works investigate the development and maturation of young girls and raise questions of choice and consent, moratorium and foreclosure; but delve into the mind of the wolf as well as the ‘curse’ takes hold.

This book deals with the sexual aspects of growing up. The book opens from the middle and has a ‘girl side’ and a ‘wolf’ side.’ It is meant to look like the pages from the two sides have been removed and stitched together to create a new narrative. Needles were once seen as a sexual symbol (because they have an eye that can be threaded); and the book tries to reference some possible pathways that the girl could have taken with her sexuality — that is, being passive or proactive.

Comparison between initial concept doodle and final sketch.

Eddie Izzard and drawing with kitties turned into art party with the digsmate in our makeshift studio.

She works very big and very fast and I work so small and so slowly. She did that huge charcoal drawing from blank to done in three hours (!). I spent all day on one girl and a wolf.

Living with artists is the boss.

shy artist problems

Trying to draw beastial coitus and adjusting it from the reference image to make it less sexual, then deciding it’s not sexual enough and trying to change it back.

Hang minicomic.

Just a little thang. Don’t judge me for the cheesy lettering; I had hand-lettered it but the scanner cut off the final line and it was a long walk back to the library at night so I just photoshopped sad fonts in.

Video of the event itself here, or check out the tumblr version.

Reasons Why I Can’t Do This.

My finished professional project reflecting on my teaching course. I did it like a little detective case file with  evidence as to why I shouldn’t become a teacher.

The two artworks are labelled Exhibits A and B with their respective titles. There’s also Exhibit C - Case Files (my handwritten/prolifically-cartooned teaching journal) and Exhibit D - Motive (the formal rationale explaining my project).

I hope that the project is well-received and my presentation is moderately entertaining for the rest of the class to endure.

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