The Little Books of Growing Up: Puberty.

This book deals with the changes that occur during adolescence. These are divided into five chapters:

  • Adrenarche — hormones begin to sway the body; developing androgenic hair, sweat glands, acne
  • Gonadarche — growth of sex organs (ovaries, testicles)
  • Thelarche — breast development in females
  • Pubarche — growth of puibc hair
  • Menarche — first menses
  • Spermarche — development of sperm

Not all images/explanatory text is shown here; of course, but you get the idea. The drawings were done in ballpoint pen inside a 10.5 x 6.5cm Moleskine sketchbook.

The Little Books of Growing Up: Childhood.

This book deals with the changes that happen in the body during childhood; such as the fusing of bones (children are born with over 270 bones while adults only have 230), changes of proportion to facilitate balance, the growth of permanent teeth, etc.

The drawings and text (not pictured) were all done in a 10.5 x 6.5cm Moleskine sketchbook, so it was a fairly small area to work with.


Or: the little book of horrible death.

Just a little backstory: I found this book on forensic medicine that has some of the loveliest pictures in it. Of course, it’s all of hideous wounds and dead people, but there is one image of the trachea of a drowned man; filled with shells. Such a gorgeous juxtaposition — pretty little shells, washed into a dead man’s throat like those holiday souvenirs.

I recreated the images, superimposing their injuries onto myself/a willing model. Each drawing has a page over it with a cut-out square, framing the image like those labelled pictures you find in textbooks. Below the square is a label: “Figure 143 (a) - passenger in front seat thrown against dashboard.” “Figure 55 - deceased was kicked to death.” “Figure 62 - made with a heavy iron spigot.”

The pages are also interspersed with other quotes from the book. My favourite I must share with you:

"A powerfully-built man, six feet in height, under the mistaken impression that he had venereal disease, attempted to hang himself.

The rope broke at its attachment to the bough, but the drop tightened the rope around his neck so much that it could not be freed.

He then travelled 150yards to a barbed-wire fence and attempted to sever the rope on one of the barbs.

He cut a large wound in his neck without freeing the rope and then succumbed to asphyxia.”

Book autopsy.

So this is my most recent little book; the “book autopsy,” which is still not finished yet because I need to get some suitable thread.

But basically you open it and see a bunch of organs all nicely layered and body-cavitylike. Or that’s the idea.

I take photos with my cellphone, because I’m a serious artist

EDIT: Proper photos here.


So we had our crit. Basically, my supervisors like the sketchbook art I’ve been doing. I have finished one book and need to start another, but unfortunately the stores in this town don’t have any of the books I like. Thus, I am planning what I’d like to do in the next one to avoid that awful ideas block.

I’m thinking of working on a far smaller scale.


1. Of, relating to, or belonging to the body.
2. Physical as opposed to mental or spiritual: bodily welfare.
1. In the flesh; in person: bodily but not mentally present.
2. As a complete physical entity: carried the child bodily from the room.
Synonyms: corporeal, fleshly, physical, somatic
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