Eddie Izzard and drawing with kitties turned into art party with the digsmate in our makeshift studio.

She works very big and very fast and I work so small and so slowly. She did that huge charcoal drawing from blank to done in three hours (!). I spent all day on one girl and a wolf.

Living with artists is the boss.

shy artist problems

Trying to draw beastial coitus and adjusting it from the reference image to make it less sexual, then deciding it’s not sexual enough and trying to change it back.

Birthday present for a Flash fan. He liked it.

Photos by Munkspi.


Dear followers

A few people have been asking whether they can buy some of my art. While I do sell prints and happen to have a few in stock, I cannot at this time sell any of my book arts. The entirety of the Somata collection was bought by a private collector of book arts at the L’Atelier exhibition, so I no longer have access to those works. My wolfy book is also going to be used as part of my Masters next year and thus is not currently for sale.

HOWEVER I do have copies of single artworks available.


Excision, A4. 250 ZAR


Old Lady, A4. 250 ZAR


Selfzilla, A4. 250 ZAR.


The Company of Wolves, A4 (somehow I haven’t uploaded this to tumblr..?). 250 ZAR


used to be one of the rotten ones, A3. 450 ZAR. The dividing line in the middle has been edited out of the prints.




The Surgical Saints series, A6 (postcard size). 100 ZAR each.

If anyone is interested, please email me at artbykatsaw [at] outlook [dot] com. I do not have PayPal as it requires some special arrangement in South Africa that is costly/inconvenient, so please contact me and we can liaise with regards to account details.

Thank you~

Hang minicomic.

Just a little thang. Don’t judge me for the cheesy lettering; I had hand-lettered it but the scanner cut off the final line and it was a long walk back to the library at night so I just photoshopped sad fonts in.

Video of the event itself here, or check out the tumblr version.

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