Eddie Izzard and drawing with kitties turned into art party with the digsmate in our makeshift studio.

She works very big and very fast and I work so small and so slowly. She did that huge charcoal drawing from blank to done in three hours (!). I spent all day on one girl and a wolf.

Living with artists is the boss.

Fortunate enough to be in New York on behalf of The Ampersand Foundation after getting the Merit Award for Somata in the Absa L’atelier.

my artist profile

So we were encouraged to write a profile sort of explaining ourselves and our work during the L’Atelier workshop. It always seems so pretentious to write about oneself in the third person, but isn’t it always uncomfortable to write about oneself?

This is what I came up with:

"Kathleen Sawyer attempts to marry the beautiful and the grotesque in finely-detailed drawings rendered in ballpoint pen. Her interests lie mainly in portraiture and the body, mutation, fairytales, and horrible death. Adrift in negative space, each sensitively-observed drawing appears ephemeral; the figures seeming introspective and lost. Most individual pieces possess a kind of static poise which cements each character in an almost sculptural stasis, trapping subjects in the picture plane and reflecting the artist’s interest in emotional isolation.

Other pieces are realised in the form of book arts; in which drawings and cut-outs come together in a narrative format that unfolds as they are ‘read.’ Such works require the viewer to actively explore each piece page by page, creating an immersive experience that allows each viewer to choose how much or how little they wish to discover about the artwork. This enables a more intimate relation between artwork and audience; yet this engagement is subjective in itself as each book is best engaged with on a private level.

                By making the enclosed nature of personal experience transparent in her drawings, Sawyer encourages the interrogation of the subjectivity which simultaneously unites and isolates us all.”

Birthday present for a Flash fan. He liked it.

Photos by Munkspi.


Did a shoot today with Katsaw, here are some of the final products.

Be sure to checkout her amazing artwork here:


Reblogging for shameless self-promotion of the back muscle in the last photo.

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