So I’m going to this baby shower. We were told to bring a written blessing for the mom and baby. I wonder if saying, “I hope when the alien baby bursts out of your belly it doesn’t devour you and you love it for what it is,” counts.

Come to my party.

Why People Think I’m Lesbian

Fun diagrams illustrating all the ‘evidence’ of my supposed lesbianity (which, to be honest, has been mounting since I was about ten). I am a generally awkward human being though, so I tend to do stuff like the following:

^ I’ve done this so often it’s my trademark..

One of the girls was a friend who’d come out of a serious breakup. I was just happy to see her in a new relationship…

What? She was pretty ….

^ I never know how to react in these situations.. The best I can do is try make a joke ˜(which, I’ve been told, only eggs them on) or get tongue-tied and make odd noises.

Nobody will ever understand the affection female friends will have for each other…

^ as soon as this happened I texted my male friend to flaunt how pimp I am. Seriously, I had just met this girl like twenty minutes before and she bared her naked crotch to me.

It was a great leg sleeve though.

Because why draw naked boys when you can draw naked girls??

These are only some examples; others include (but are not limited to):

  • my terrible sense of humour
  • unconsciously ‘flirting’ with people (this apparently applies to both sexes though)
  • cutting my waist-length hair off and then shaving parts my head a year later
  • wearing men’s clothing
  • being a supporter of LGTBI people and rights

Anyway, I don’t particularly mind very much what people think of my sexual orientation.

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