influences ~ Acrosanti

[The work that has shaped what I do today]

It must start with a girl who goes by Acrosanti. I discovered her when I was about fifteen and she was the first artist to make a real impression on me. At the moment she focuses primarily on original characters based off Shane Acker’s 9 film, but when I first found her on dA she was a creature-creator. She invented the most abstract yet functional-looking animals that roamed around in her various worlds.


Anatomy of a Coathanger

I loved the way that her style was so minimal; her lines so sleek and elegant that they managed to convey a kind of fluidity to all her creations. Even the simplest pencil sketch had a neat and contained sense of movement to it.


Another big influence to me, at that time, was the way in which she saw the world and incorporated into her work. My favourite images were the ordinary objects that had turned into creatures.

Backhoe Creature

Ready The Pen

Although the work is fantastical and seemingly incongruous, the simplicity that she used (especially in the rougher, sketchbook-ey posts) really helped past-me see how anatomy worked. A subtle line to show where the ribcage ended. A slight dip to hint at the curves of collar-bones. Her creativity and dedication to her OC’s (their worlds, their histories) assisted in shaping the way I think/draw now.

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