Carnivore Incarnate.

Part one of the Bitten triptych; a work that uses the ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ fable as a rough framework to explore werewolfism as a metaphor for female puberty. Like the lupine transformation, adolescence leads to the development of androgenic hair and visible bodily change. Fertility is heralded by the menstrual cycle; whose pattern is traditionally linked with the phases of the moon. Of course, the latter is also associated with so-called ‘madness’ (anger and antisocial moods). The works investigate the development and maturation of young girls and raise questions of choice and consent, moratorium and foreclosure; but delve into the mind of the wolf as well.

I wanted there to be an overarching theme of consumption – both with food and sexually. Unfortunately I could not show every page in the book but it is littered with the detritus of kills until the sexual images begin to dominate as one pages through the work. For this reason I decided to use cut-outs to create a page-through mouth on the cover, which symbolically ‘bites’ the intended viewer upon picking up the book. After this the viewer goes into the mind of the wolf, past the surface layer of sheer hunger into the deeper levels of its consciousness as the ‘curse’ begins to take hold. The work of Angela Carter was a big influence, both in this work and my thesis. Her story “The Company of Wolves” is obviously a more sexual retelling of the Red Riding-Hood fable, and I wanted to play with that.

This post is posted on Tuesday 25 June 2013.
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