Carnivore Incarnate.

I began making this work for the Animal/Advance exhibition at the beginning of the year. Initially three books were planned but due to academic commitments I could not complete the other two. The brief was pretty open so I wanted to do something that related to my Little Red Riding-Hood thesis last year. Basically the starting concept for the intended series was the use of werewolfism as a metaphor for puberty.

This makes sense because:

  • Puberty = growth of androgenic hair
  • The pattern of the menstrual cycle is traditionally linked with the moon
  • Menstruation is linked to more angry/antisocial moods, similar to the werewolf’s lunar-induced episodes

For this reason I decided to use cut-outs to create a page-through mouth on the cover, which symbolically ‘bites’ the intended viewer upon picking up the book. After this the viewer goes into the mind of the wolf, past the surface layer of sheer hunger into the deeper levels of its consciousness as the ‘curse’ begins to take hold. The work of Angela Carter was a big influence, both in this work and my thesis. Her story “The Company of Wolves” is obviously a more sexual retelling of the Red Riding-Hood fable, and I wanted to play with that.

I wanted there to be an overarching theme of consumption – both with food and sexually. Unfortunately I could not show every page in the book but it is littered with the detritus of kills until the sexual images begin to dominate as one pages through the work.

This post is posted on Tuesday 25 June 2013.
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