Dear new followers:

You make me feel like I’m riding on the back of a monochromicorn.

Anyway, I just wanted to make a pre-emptive apology of sorts. So I recently finished my Fine Arts studies and had my graduate exhibition, which consisted of a series of books which have gotten a moderate amount of interest on tumblr. Although I enjoyed making these very much I am now on my first no-guilt no-obligations holiday in four years, and will pass the time doing entirely purposeless things like playing video games and drawing excessive amounts of fan art. At least I’m still making art though right? Turning my friends into My Little Pony characters counts as art, right?

So there won’t be much cool/high-quality stuff coming from me for a while. Deepest apologies. But I hope you like ponies.

This post is posted on Friday 14 December 2012.
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